Goto Tech

processor arch x86, ARM
target OS Linux
Linux VM host provider Linode
dev workstation Mac OS X, Linux
prog editor vim (everywhere), Sublime Text 2 (Mac), TextMate (Mac)
prog lang Python
prog lang for enterprise Java
prog lang for min runtime footprint C/C++
prog lang for browser-side JavaScript (beyond doubt; just being complete)
Python debugger pdb, Winpdb/rpdb2
general debugger gdb
memory debugger/profiler Valgrind
big web framework, Python Django
small web framework, Python, Flask
Python HTML parser for scraping BeautifulSoup, lxml
web browser, leanest & most stable Chrome
web browser, most pluggable/toolable Firefox
web browser, nicest UX Safari or Chrome, each better in some ways
full SQL RDBMS Postgres
small, simple, embedded SQL db sqlite3
NoSQL, document/JSON-structured db MongoDB
NoSQL, simple data structures db Redis
mem cache, persisted, replicated Redis
distrib mem cache, non-persisted memcached
web server nginx
asynch web framework, Python Tornado, Twisted
metric capture API, Python scales by Greplin
metric aggregator StatsD
metric event charting Graphite
web log analysis Visitors, AWStats
website health monitoring Nagios
web load generator, simple, CLI apbench (wrapped & orch by scripts)
web query CLI curl, wget
web client lib, Python requests by Reitz, urllib2/urllib
server-side JS Node.js
JS web lib jQuery
DNS registrar DynaDot
structured text data ser JSON
freedom-max/cost-min smartphone OS Android
smoothest consumer UX smartphone iPhone
smoothest consumer UX tablet iPad
emb device proto/hobby, only micro Arduino
emb device proto, full, Linux capab RaspberryPi, BeagleBoard/Bone
task scheduler (was cron, undecided on successor)
asynch msg lib ZeroMQ
bitmap format PNG
screencasts Jing
screen ruler xScope
bitmap editor Gimp
3D model sketching SketchUp
3D model rendering Blender
screenshots, Mac Grab
mockup tool Balsamiq Mockups
diagramming tool OmniGraffle
node graph model/render GraphViz/dot
plotting/graphing data via CLI gnuplot
web-based project collab Basecamp
UI type CLI, then web
GUI type web w/o Flash
multiplatform 2D GUI lib Flash
graphics library, simple, Python/C gd, Cairo
game library, multiplatform, Python PyGame, Pyglet
image manib library, Python PIL
image file manip, CLI or batch ImageMagick
version control git, Fossil
web hosted VC GitHub
digital currency Bitcoin
PayPal-like for Bitcoin
general PK crypto sigs GnuPG
encrypted shells/tunnels SSH (no controversy)
iOS terminal app iSSH by Zingersoft
disk encryption TrueCrypt
password encryption scrypt, bcrypt, stretched hexdigest of SHA256 hash of per-password-salted password
network packet capture/analysis Wireshark, tshark, tcpdump, tcpflow, ngrep, pcap
firewall iptables, TCP Wrapper, ipchains
file-sharing w/non-techies DropBox
free VOIP calls Skype, Hangout
video calls Skype, Hangout
music playing, Mac, CLI afplay
speech synthesis, Mac, CLI say
audio file conversion, Mac GUI SoundConverter
central IRC hosting, free Freenode
IRC-like but newer/better Slack
sci/acad paper archive, free access arXiv, PLoS ONE
portable word doc format PDF (no controversy)
light-weight doc markup Markdown, ReStructuredText, Textile
cable/connector architecture USB
protective iPhone case Ballistic black
business card printing app BusinessCard Composer 4
ink pens Pentel RSVP BK91 Medium black
paper notebooks Moleskine

This is a list of my current "goto" tech and tools related to software development. They are a combination of what I currently consider the best general-purpose choice for a given role, plus, in some cases, mostly what I'm mostly familiar with and can therefore be most productive in. In some cases, my choice may not be truly the best overall because I may lack sufficient experience or understanding to appreciate the superiority of an alternative choice. Also, I need to emphasize these are choices for the general case. There may be edge cases and special contexts which make a choice not listed here be truly the better choice. This is just a high-level view. And I'll be adding new roles, and refining choices, over time.