Past Conventions

Genghis Con 2009 - Denver

We had a table in the Exhibition Hall to promote DBZ the entire weekend. Had a great time. Met a lot of nice people, both folks that came by the table, fellow exhibitors and staff. I went in with low expectations but we had a ton more people stop by and learn about DBZ than I expected. We gave out over a dozen Demo CD's and had another dozen or so people give us their email address so we could notify them of the debut of a Windows PC version. Unfortunately we only had a Mac OS X version ready at the convention. I've started work on the Windows port and hope to have it ready in March. It's a little harder to do because Windows doesn't ship with Python or curses OR a tricorder OR a freaking phaser, among other things. But we'll make it happen. Here are some pics of the exhibition table:

Future Plans

We'll plan for now to exhibit at all future major gaming conventions in the Denver area. We'll spiffy up the table more, do a little more promotion, and probably give out a little nicer zombie-related shwag (new figs in different poses, for example.) We may add a computer monitor showing a live or prerecorded gameplay demo as well. We'll add more games too, as they become ready. I've got a pipeline (backlog really) of computer game and board game projects that I'll be evaluating for productization. Offhand the most likely candidates would be games like Ryamon, Ekomony, Shattered Stars, or American Barons.

Ben Con, June 2009, Denver -- probably do it
Tacti-Con, Aug/Sep 2009, Denver -- definitely do it