The chart below specifies the differences between the Demo and Premium versions of Dead By Zombie.

Free Demo Premium: Download-Only
one region & routes disabled all regions, the entire world & routes enabled
limited story & a few quests full story & all quests
plot-wise you can:
  • fight zombies
  • reason futilely with zombies
  • run from zombies
  • search for loot
  • eat or not (if not, risk starvation)
  • lead or ignore fellow citizens in peril, balancing personal survival vs helping others
  • explore the area of town immediately around your house, and a portion of the sewers below
plot-wise you can:
  • do everything you could in the Demo
  • work towards curing the zombie plague
  • cooperate with major NPC's in effort to stop the zombie menace
  • meet all kinds of fancy NPC's
  • explore many other exciting regions of the town and world around you, such as:
    • Military Base
    • Zoo
    • Hospital
    • Library
    • Prison
    • Cemetary
    • Haunted Forest
    • University
    • Church
    • Eastside
    • Police Station
    • Research Lab
    • The Venturius Estate
    • SuperStore
    • MegaMall
    • The Bank
no fancy NPC's many fancy NPC's such as:
  • Dr. Heinrich von Hexenhammer - evil greedy mad schemer and master of the Dark Arts
  • Victor Venturius - heroic wealthy eccentric time-travelling and usually-slightly-drunk practioner of Weird Science
  • Syndi, Synthia, Bambi, Barbara, Lisa and Wendi - the lovely female android assistants serving Venturius
  • Omoo, the little evil Zuni Hunter Fetish Doll - watch your ankles, he bites! he stabs! he's coming up your pants leg!
all digital downloadall digital download
FREE! $5