The Dread Space Pirate Richard: An Adventure Across Space, Time, More Space, And Then Several Pairs of Pants

In my free time I've written a sci-fi romantic comedy novella titled The Dread Space Pirate Richard. May turn it into a series if gets enough traction, and if I can make the free time for it. There's an official group on Reddit for development previews and fan interaction, and the first book itself is now available for sale in most major ebook storefronts. Ideally we're going to make audio performance productions of each book too, and release them on the web somehow. The books are written in a style designed intentionally to sound/listen well when read/heard aloud, almost without changes. (I look at DSPR as a storybook story, but for adults. It is not high literature.) I have 3 voice actors confirmed to play various key parts, and am in talks with a 4th, none of this counts myself, who will be performing many male parts until/unless they get taken over by other people. We've also done test readings and test clips of dialogue, some of which are up on SoundCloud. In the long long run it would be cool to see video productions made too, but that would only happen if it got enough traction. Even if the series doesn't take off, or "bombs", I've promised the early fans that we'll make at least the 1st book in audio form.

The Reddit group.

The SoundCloud for DSPR.

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