This is a project with the goal of creating a new election processing system intended to feature certain desirable qualities: fast, scalable, free/cheap, accurate, reliable, open, repurposeable, and trustable with universally auditable code, data and hardware. Feature goals also include option to support ranked choice lists w/instant runoff, and merit-weighted votes. Blink-of-eye speed comes in part due to inherently embarassingly parallelizability of automatic vote counting, esp with fully digital pipeline. The ideal election processing system could be used, at least with a different configuration and deployment, to also handle voting for private organizations and local political entities, in addition to national-level elections. The ideal voting system allows you to vote 24x7, and from home or office or on-the-go. We believe in as fully a digital of a pipeline as we can, and only using paper for voting receipts and reports. (Hanging chads is a stupid problem to have, and avoidable by design. Lost paper ballots or lost entire boxes are stupid too.) We're also following a CLIFMO development strategy.

TODO needs fleshing out, adding diagrams and code