iPhone Development

Below are descriptions and screenshots of some of the iPhone applications I've created and shipped. All so far have been under contract for clients.

PencilBot ESL
I led the 3-man remote dev team, coordinated production with outside contractors, and personally did much of the coding as well; 3 apps in this series: Green/Blue/Red.
Shipped and went on sale in the late fall of 2008.
(Objective-C, XCode, Interface Builder, Python, QuickTime Pro)

PencilBot Test
I just contributed a little coding and configuration work, derived from our work on the original ESL app; 3 apps in this series: Green/Blue/Red.
Shipped and went on sale around Februrary 2009.
(Objective-C, XCode)

***4700+ followers on Twitter! (unknown app store performance)***
A pet health management application. For a private client in Atlanta. I did all of the iPhone programming. Shipped to Apple the 3rd week of July 2009, and went live on sale on August 18th! Please check it out, especially if you have pets and an iPhone. All links: app in store, support, and blog and Twitter.

The Adventures of Khaki Pants Pete
***500+ 5-star ratings and thousands of players!***
A retro 2D adventure game about a guy, his house, and the adventures he gets up to one enchanted evening.
For Blockdot.com, a major advergaming company in Texas, for their client Unilever, promoting the Klondike Bar product line. I did all the iPhone programming, and wrote some Python tools and shell scripts. Engine designed from scratch and supports 2D graphics and audio, built directly on top of Apple's API's. Chapter 1 of 4 shipped to Apple the 2nd week of July 2009, and went on sale as of August 24. I've begun development of Chapter 2 and will be doing the others afterward in sequence.
Links: app, and website.

Location-aware deal-finding service. I was the sole developer of their 1.0 iPhone app. Postabon has been featured on CBS television, NBC and in the New York Times. The actual app was demo'd in a video segment. It was pretty exciting to see code that I wrote being used on screen on TV on a major public network. Television, people, like OMGPONIES!
Link to store: Postabon in iTunes
Link to client site: Postabon.com
UPDATE: In mid/late 2010 Postabon changed their name to Signpost. They also temporarily withdrew the Postabon iPhone app from the store as part of their rebranding/feature-pivot effort. They've also gained Google Ventures and Spark Capital as investors.