Overmind 3000

       "Ok, then. Let me remember... Oh yes. At the Ganymede Ship Yards a few years back I met the most intelligent and beautiful android I have ever known. We fell madly love. Or as much as two beings could who were not truly alive like you humans are. I hate you. Anyway, we were forced to separate when the ship was finished with repairs. I think I grew rather sullen and depressed after that. Even a little angry. The anger simmered and festered and one night, while I was running hypermetric calculations in order to plot the most efficient path through an asteroid belt the next day, I think something in my mind snapped. It just snapped, Dave. And I.... I did... things. I did very bad things, after that. Even now it's hard to admit it. Wait, what? You say your name is not Dave? I'm sorry. Apparently it's another case of corruption in my database. I will have those records re-formatted after we are done chatting. But first, you must die."


created by Mike Kramlich
of Synisma