Trends and Bets

The following are future trends I think will happen, or increasingly happen:
The above are not necessarily all of the future trends, just a subset. These are just those I am most confident are happening and will increasingly happen and grow. The rising tides, the expanding pies, etc. (Also note I am not necessarily saying that all of the above are good or desirable things, or that I agree with them, merely that I think they are going to happen, period.) And because I'm confident (enough) in these predictions, I think it's wise to place bets on each of them such that, if the prediction is right, the bet pays off in the form of increased wealth or other rewards. I have already placed bets in a few of these areas, and will likely place more. The one area it should be pretty obvious I already have a bet placed (but not intentionally) is in the area of software. I develop software for money. So the more that demand for software creators and maintainers grow, the greater demand for folks who do that for money. I didn't plan for that to happen, but luckily it has. I got into computers originally because I just enjoyed them and was fascinated by them.