Video Development Experience

Unnamed Project
I've created a working proof-of-concept app for a client in the video post-production industry. It's a native Mac desktop app. Written in Objective-C using XCode and the Cocoa API's. I'm also helping them to flesh out requirements and feature options further. It's for a startup. The current vision has the desktop app as part of a larger system including a website and server backend. I can't go into details as they are somewhat stealth and I'm under NDA. The research and coding I've done so far does involve playing video and working with it.

I was the lead developer on the original PencilBot ESL iPhone/iOS apps. PencilBot used video heavily both as content and as way to achieve certain game effects. One of the breakthrough features we achieved was to have interactive subtitles that let the user touch certain keywords in the subtitle captions and jump into a built-in glossary, pausing the video while doing so. I did most of the design and coding to make that happen. I also wrote a few of the built-in minigames using a video-based engine I created that was intended to crudely approximate what one could normally do in Flash (which was not available/allowed on iOS at the time.). Heavy use of the iOS SDK's video API's, and using standalone video editing tools, and wrote a few of my own CLI video and subtitle processing scripts.