Aviron 7

This game is under construction in my increasingly rare free time. It is only in rough prototype form, but playable and fun. It is a pausable real-time strategy game, sci-fi, side-view, 2D, vector graphics style. Python with Pygame. Ships can extend and retract landing legs. Ships burn fuel while engines running, drawing from a finite capacity fuel tank. Ships can carry crew and passengers, who can embark and disembark while landed. Aliens can attack humans and lay eggs, which hatch into new Alien adults. Marines can kick Alien ass but are only mortal. Lots more stuff planned and imagined but just takes time to do the design and coding work. I will probably open source the code once it's mature enough. Or release a binary for sale. Not sure yet.

I write a README even for private hobby projects, because it helps me remember things if I step away from a project for a while then revisit it later and want to come back up to speed quickly. And it is good discipline anyway in case it is ever released to the public. To see it click on this README link.

This screenshot is old but gives rough idea of gameplay and the state of progress: